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Sand, dust and adventure

Dakar Challenge Escape Room

Sand, dust and adventure, that is the Dakar Challenge Escape Room! You have 60 minutes to escape. What makes this escape room unique is that the Dakar Challenge can be played simultaneously by 2 teams. Each team has a separate (but identical) room. This makes it not only a race against the clock, but also a race against another team! Can you find your way out of the bivouac before your competitors can?


✔ Dakar Challenge Escape Room is suitable for persons of 16 years plus.

✔ Dakar Challenge Escape Room is suitable for groups of 2 to 6 persons.

✔ Monday through Thursday € 119 per group

✔ Friday through sunday € 124 per group

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Individual tickets

  • Starting at 2 persons
  • 60 minutes of adrenaline
  • Spectacular escape room!


  • Starting at 6 persons
  • Combine with our other activities
  • Can you escape in time?

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