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Trump Tower & Dakar Challange

The most exceptional escape rooms in the Netherlands

Coronel Escape Rooms

Trump Tower & Dakar Challenge are Coronel’s new Escape Rooms and are unique in the Netherlands. Can you escape within 60 minutes? When playing this game you will need to use all of your senses. Investigate the room and make sure you work together closely with every member of your team. Communication with your team members is crucial if you want to find a way out of one of our escape rooms. But also don’t forget to think logically in order to solve all the puzzles and riddles. The more puzzles you solve, the more progress you will make in the game. Book one of our rooms and let yourself be swept away by one of the breathtaking adventures that Coronel has to offer.

Can you escape in time?

Our escape rooms

Individual tickets

  • Starting at 2 persons
  • 60 minutes of adrenaline
  • Spectacular escape room!


  • Starting at 6 persons
  • Combine with our other activities
  • Can you escape in time?

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